Monday, February 2, 2009

My Scrappy

This is my dog Scrappy, a mix breed of dutchand and native dog. I can't explain how important he is to me because, this dog is a very loyal, so sweet and a good guard dog, whenever my motorcycle, or my jeepy parked outside the gate of our house and or specially when i parked it beside the road near our house,and even papa's car, he will be there to guard it 24 hrs a day,rain or shine he will really guard it with his life. He will really protect our property. During at night he is our knight in shining armor. Even if sometimes his barks are so annoying already hehe... And whenever when we go out, he will guard the house no matter what. Oh I really cant find a dog like my scrappy. He is really one of a kind.

It was a sad sad sad weekend for me because he just died last Saturday. Until now I still dont know the cause of his death. But me and my family's assessment of the cause of his death is that he was got hit by a car here. I feel so frustrated and I really cried that day because I was not here when it happened, I was in Davao doing my teaching job that day. I remember that day when my maid texted me and told me what happened, I was so mad at her and to other people in the house because of what happened to scrappy. Until now I still cant forget my Scrappy specially when every morning I go to jog with him and my other dog Raven. I will really miss him.