Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sovereignty and globalisation

I found this interesting site to read, its about Sovereignty and globalisation. it talks about the sovereignty and the global crisis today. thats why these powerful people proposed that its good for the world to unite and follow only 1 rule for every nation in the world and form a new world order.

Would you agree with this one world order? meaning no sovereignty or we dont have power to rule our own country, we only have one rule for all the countries in the world and is ruled by these elite people. In my opinion, I think its not good to to have a one world order, because you know we cant control our own country anymore, thats scary because anything can happen to us. Maybe this will be the start of the 666 government. My gosh what will happen to our children's future? Hope you read this....

Monday, November 24, 2008

My christmas tree

Here in my country Philippines, its too late to decorate a christmas tree when you start decorating it in the middle of November. Me I just finished setting up and decorating my christmas tree yesterday. Well.. its never too late! I'm glad I set up my christmas tree because I really feel the spirit of christmas now... and Im glad my boarders liked it. Now they are excited to talk about our christmas party on Dec. hehe.... I just wanna share it to you my humble christmas tree.. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Special Students

When you look at the picture here, who could say that they are different? Well they are not different than the other people but in fact they are special people, they are the the Hearing Impaired students (meaning they are deaf and mute students) . They are my college students in a Systems Technology Institute College of Davao City. I'm teaching them the basic computers and other subjects as well. I really enjoy watching them and or joining them in their conversations through their sign language, they have fun with each other. You know its nice to watch them because they are more close and very friendly with each other. Specially when you get to know them. they are more friendly than the normal people.

I learned the sign language because I have a sister who is a Hearing Impaired too. In this second picture is my sister Felicel, who is a teacher now in a Special Education school in Davao city. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education In Laguna.She's more beautiful and petite and taller than me tsk tsk.. hehe... Before when she was small my other sister dina and I used to teach her some sign language that we learned, but now she is my teacher now specially in sign language that I didn't learned before. She helps me a lot with my job now as a teacher. My family and I are so happy because she is stable now. She has a job and can stand with her own feet now, though sometimes she still asks money to my parents but she's ok now.

You know I hate it when there are normal people would laugh at them or treat then not nice and specially when they make fun at them. Well... they are the one's not not normal than the special people like the hearing impaired people.

If you happened to see one of the hearing impaired people, try to befriend with them, they are more than happy to give back your kindness to them, and definitely you will enjoy their company.