Monday, March 24, 2008

Trying something new

Here I am trying to do something new like writing and posting…but hmm… what will I write then? Hmm…think, think… but before that, I wanna thank my dear cousin Gina who introduced me to the PayPerPost. I got interested with this because not only I can write anything but I can earn out of it too, wow.. this is nice!!. When I heard about this before I didn’t believe it that we can actually earn by writing. Well yes, maybe to those people who are into writing a book and novels etc.. but to a person like me who’s interests are in the kitchen and computers, I can bake, cook and even fix anything that can be fixed around the house even computers I try to fix it hehe…. But writing is not included in my list hehe… But I’m so curious and challenged to do this so here I am…. and im sure tis will be interesting...

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