Saturday, April 19, 2008

My recent Travel

Hi guys!
Vacation is here once again, time to relax and explore different places, getaway from the hustle and bustle of life once in awhile ….I’ve been in manila and
Vigan for almost 2 weeks, thanks to my brother-in-law. He was the one supported me going to Vigan. Actually, it was me and my twin sis went there, we attended
Felicel’s graduation. FYI, Felicel is our younger sister, she graduated Elementary Education at DEAF School in Paowin, Cavinte Laguna last April 2….She’s a deaf and mute actually, but when you look at her, she’s normal… she’s pretty, tall and petite, others said that she’s like a model, hmmmm prettier and way taller than me I admit hehehe….

Back to my getaways story, my twin sis just received a text message from papa while we are in laguna, he told her that their application (her and her husband Terry) for spousal visa in Canada has been received and that the embassy needs her passport as soon as possible, hmmm I guess that means their application will be granted soon, hmmmmm…..i’m happy for them….and so, when my brother-in-law knew about the news, he sent financial support right away going to Vigan, Yey!!!! Thanks bro.! never been in Vigan actually, he really wanted me to go there as he told my sis that I wont be able to go there sooner, well, maybe in future…..he want us to spend time with each other before she go to Canada, I know she wont be able to visit us here for 2 to 3 years…..

It took 10 hours going to vigan, but when I got there, its worth it, though the weather is super hot, oh I forgot, its still part of the Philippines, so what should I expect hehehe….Vigan is one of the world heritage as mostly the old buildings built by the Spaniards way back in 18th century was preserved can see old churches and old buildings and museums where memorabilia’s was preserved during the Spanish era here in the Philippines. There’s still a kalesa as one of the transportation service there, you can hire it for 150 an hour to tour the entire historical places in town. 4 to 5 hours is enough to visit all the places. But for us, we manage to deal with the kartero (the kalesa driver…hmmmm, I hope I’m right) we only paid 4 hundred for almost 5 hours. Thanks Manong! This city is the baluarte of Chavit Singson too (a controversial politician), his place is the sanctuary of rare animals that mostly imported from abroad, I saw tigers and a lion, I saw big snakes and a dwarf horses! Its as size of a deer actually, imagine that! Oh and a sanctuary of butterflies too and many other animals such as ostrich, eagles, monkey, iguanas, and many more….oh and his big mansion built uphill at the center of the sanctuary.….its worth traveling for long hours, it’s a rare place where you can see and still feel the relics of the past. You wont see it usually in other places, only in vigan….i suggest, if you want to go to vigan or baguio, take the night trip, you wont be able to feel dizzy due to a hundred stops just to pick up passengers along the way and the worst traffic, no pollution and the best part, when you wake up in the morning, Wah la! You are there already. Well, that if you want to travel by bus. Partas bus located in pasay and cubao which are open 24 hours from manila to vigan but going back or from vigan, its just until 11 pm. When you are there, lots of nice and neat hotels, some expensive but there are affordable too, clean and neat..but if you want to stay in a century old house at the same time a museum, stay at Villa Angela, almost all the things there are the living proof of Spanish era muebles.

Hmmmm….i guess I said it all…..God bless! Hope you can visit Vigan too!

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