Wednesday, September 17, 2008

As America Collapses US Government Secret Plans Revealed

I just read this column in the, its about The American economy and the Government. I dont know if how reliable this site or their sources are but I'm concerned because as you read this site, I guess its really happening because as what we heard in the news now about what happened in one of the biggest holdings in America the Lehman Brothers Inc. filed for bankcruptcy just recently. The american econmy is really in chaos right now. And as we all know almost all countries in the world including my country Philippines look up in America specially their economy. So we are affected too. If their dollar collapse so as with the world.

As I read this site, its really scary.... So how true is this? is it true that there are secret elite group that are responsible behind all the secret plans for the world? And this elite group trying to form a new world order, meaning a one form of government for the world, thats why they are trying to shake the world now by holding back the funds for the world, thats why we are in crisis right now. and responsible for the micro chips that they gonna implant that to everyone for identification purposes and as you know other puproses too. I"ve heard and read a lot about the secret elite group that holds all the wealth in the world like the federal reserve. As you know this bank is not owned by the US or other country but this is an independent private company that are responsible for all the currency in the world. But they own almost all countries specially the US and in Europe. Have you heard about the AMERO? ah well if you have time reading this site you will know what I'm saying about, and I'm sure you heard about that already.

Well this is just my own point of view, Try to read this whether if its true or not. Well at least we are informed about what will gonna happen or something......

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