Thursday, April 30, 2009

Perfumes and Colognes

I’m so glad I’m back here again in my blog.. I was so busy in my little business and my teaching career here for the past few months. Now that its summer here in the Philippines, meaning no class, no work, its vacation time!

Hmm… when you say summer here in my country, my gosh its super, super hot here…. You always love to go to a place where its cold or has an air conditions like shopping malls and other place where you can relax and have a good time like the beach and swimming pools etc. And you love to take a bath 2 or 3 times a day, and put lots and lots of colognes and powder to feel fresh and smell good..

Hmm.. speaking of perfumes and colognes, whole page is not enough for me to write about it because I do love to collect colognes and perfumes. I found this helpful link,, its all about colognes and perfumes that you can choose to buy. Hmm….. This means its time for me to add my collection again hehe… if i'm going to buy a perfume or a cologne for myself i want a very mild scent and not an over powering one, as i am allergic to an overwhelming odor, i cant stand with a strong scent my asthma will react fast. You can tell i am so picky with my scent but there's one perfume that i really like, it was from my sister actually, her husband gave it to her as a gift, its Sarah Jessica Parker a limited edition from Lovely. I really like the smell, its so feminine, i never forget the scent, its sweet and floral, what I love about it is that its mild and yet its a kind of scent that it wont disappear after an hour, a scent that smelled by others too not just you and it stays in your skin whole day and even if you wash your clothes you still can smell it, a scent that you wont have a teary eyes if you spray it in yourself, or you wont sneeze when you smell it. I am lucky enough that i have it right now, I just wear it for a special occasion.

And there’s this one cologne for men that I really love, my boyfriend always wear it when he’s with me….its a cool water from Davidoff. Hmm….. he smells yummy! Hehe… I like it because its not so overpowering, and a very relaxing scent.

And I have my favorite colognes too…Actually I have lots of brands that I like,the Dolce & Gabanna,Giorgio Armani,Davidoff etc.. but there’s one flavor from Victoria’s Secret that I really love, a pear flavor. I like the scent of it because its so sweet and not too strong scent and it will last for whole day. And my other favorite cologne is a splash cologne from Sarah Lee, so cool and very mild scent but it will last for whole day too.And yet its not so expensive. I love to wear colognes everyday because it really makes me feel fresh and smells good, and so cool to my skin. And when I wear perfumes it makes me feel sexy and yummy hehe….

Buy a cologne that suits your kind of smell, and your personality. Lots of perfumes and colognes today that will express your go go go.. and express it with your kind of scent today!

Enjoy your summer!

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