Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to all Father's out there!

This is my one and only wonderful father, Mr. Celedonio Yborde. Papa is a cool and loving father to us and a good husband to my mother, so thoughtful and kind to his friends and relatives. A family oriented and a very religious man. He always supports us and helps us in anything we do. He is a type of guy that is not so complicated, he makes friends to everybody. He always love to have a dinner together with family and talk about everything specially politics and religion, and sometimes joke around and just laughing together etc… And he loves to go outing together with the family.

Words cant express how I love and thank him and of course mama too. Not so long ago I was a little headache to them specially to papa hehe... and there were times that i got mad at him and mama for you know... interfering with my lovelife hehe... But of course parents are always right... and I wanna thank them for that. I remember before when we were kids, he was so strict to us, there were times before that we were not so close to us back then, because he likes to discipline us hehe.... but we would not be where we are now if not for papa and mama's guidance and discipline and love.

Even though you are not that so wise and keen and smart as before as in your younger years pa but still, we love you so much. Me and my sisters and brothers are so lucky to have a special father like you. We hope and pray that God will give you more strength and good health always…. HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!! We love you….. muahhh……


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