Saturday, August 9, 2008

My homemade cake for my cousin

One of my passion is baking a cake. And one of my frustrations is making a nice and yummy looking cake with icing. Well as you can see in the picture its still my frustration hehe.... This is just my sample cake, a simple kiddie birthday cake, trying to bake one for my little cousin.... I'm still practicing how to perfect the icing and decorating it.... I'm glad they liked it, and they said its yummy... This is a vanilla cake with mocha icing. If anyone wants my recipe (well I hope someone would love my recipe hehe...) just buzz me and I'm glad to email you my recipe.


Gina said...

Del Mag-order diay ko next month para sa birthday ni Grace..17th bday niya..tapos princess ang August 17 man iya birthday. tapos pila sad..maayo kaayo imo mga luto Del, tabangan taka promote sa akong mga kaila..

Webbyzard said...

I like the cake you made for your cosuin - it's cute. I am been crazy about baking lately as well, check out my cakes at
I am taking a cake decorating class and tonight it wil lbe course 2; we'll be working with royal icing to make flowers, this icing gets really hard and it looks so pretty. Have fun!

Webbyzard said...

Hi Delia,
Thanks for the compliments on my cakes. Well, to enroll in my cake decorating class you must live i nthe US, I am in Florida. Maybe yu could find a similar class in your country. I found it in a carfts store where they aslo sell cake decocration stuff. One of the companies that sells this stuff offers the class, see their site at - I bought so many pans and fun things. I printed one of yur recipes that has coconut, I ove coconut - wil ltry one of these days. Today, I will be making cup cakes, I have left ver icing from my last class and I want to use it. Have fun with your baking!