Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Custard Cake

These are the last pieces of my custard cake..... One of my favorite cake, there is a leche flan at the top of the cake, hmm yummmmyyyy...... I made this for the Sari-sari Store... Im glad the students and our boarders liked it. If you are interested in my recipe please do email me at dyborde@yahoo.com. I would be glad to email you back.


Gina said...

natagaan naman ko nimo ani del di ba? naglaway ko sa imong cake oi

DanaDebbie said...

Hi, your custard cake looks yummy! I used to eat that when I was still in the Philippines! And I missed it now...I would love to ask for the recipe please? I will email you soon! Thanks!

Debbie of A Fil-Am Journey