Saturday, August 23, 2008

Time for a change

My twin sister Dina and I always together since we were kids until now, we share almost a lot and everything and always going out together shopping or mall hopping, experimenting new things etc.... In short we are not just sisters but bestfriends... well of course we don't share all specially our love life's hehehe... Last 2004 She's married to a Canadian guy my brat bro-in law ... But even that we are still together, but last friday, they finally got the documents that they have been waiting for the last 3 years, the visa from the Canadian Embassy.... she's granted to go to Canada, and anytime soon she will leave us huhuhu, and have a new life there together with her hubby. At last the moment that they've been praying and waiting for is finally come true. Now I realized that we will never be the same as before, she will start her new life there and mine as well.... although I still have the chance to be together hopefully soon in Canada because my Tiger and her hubby are best of friends and they are just neighbors but its not the same as like before, like we share bed when we sleep or eat together, even taking a bath together hehe....And even taking control of my life sometimes hehe... Well I admit between the two of us she's more of the ate to me hehehehehe........ in short she's the bossy and matured type than I am. I will surely miss my sister but well... life must go on... It's time for me to change, to be mature. But I'm so glad that she's happy now, finally she will be with her husband soon. And I'm so glad that she found a very kind heart, brat but funny guy, my one and only brat bro-in law Terry. We are happy for both of you.. congratulations!!! finally.. you will be together as a family soon... I love you both and hopefully i will have cute nieces and nephews very very soon.....

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