Monday, August 18, 2008

A birthday present for a special girl

This is what my sister and I've been doing this weekend, a present for our dear cousin Grace for her 17th birthday from her beloved ate Gina. Ang sweet naman ni ate..... She gave her little sis a surprise gift yesterday. I'm so glad the birthday celebrant liked it.... she was really surprised as she really didn't know anything about it (thats why its a surprise duh! hehe...). Well she deserves it because she is a fine and kind, loving, caring, sweet and beautiful daughter and sister to the family. And she is a special sister to her ate, my cousin Gina. Happy Birthday dear Cuz! Hope you have a many many more birthdays to come and good health always and your family.

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Gina said...

Thank you Del and Din, as n super happy kaayo si Grace. I love the flowers. Ganahan sad kaayo ko sa cake. Super delicious daw ingon sila. Sus kung naa lang mo dire sa states no kada semana gyud naay mag order sa inyo. Anyways, next sa Sept.11 na sad Del, sa birthday sa akong Papa. the same kadako gihapon. Tapos tagai nako sa presyo sa mga package para maistorya nako sa mga friends