Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Twin Sis

Her name is Dina, she’s my identical twin. She’s married to a Canuck from Vancouver, Canada. I do believe that identical twins are the closest friends more than anyone else….we talked anything and everything, shared secrets too with each other…..though sometimes we fight, but its normal to brothers and sisters. They said twins should be apart as its dangerous when one is sick and so the other one will be next….hmmmm…no no! though in cases sometimes, but not all sickness…but for communicable diseases, of course when one got it the other will be next as the twins always together…… others think that we have the same likes or dislikes……NOT True! Dina has different taste than mine….and for guys too, we are soooo different, her likes for a guy, is not my type…..we are totally different, for me, we are just normal sisters, same feeling with my other sister but the thing is, we are closer than anyone in our family, we are bestfriends actually. I remember when we are still in our elementary, our parents always dressed us same kind of clothes and color, yikes! They didn’t know we despised it, we don’t like it as other people especially other students will stare at us…grrrrrrrr….i remember the first day of school when were still in first year high school, it was the first day of school where every students from first year to to 4th year students gathered outside to formally welcome the school year, once again mama dressed us same kind and same color and take note, it was a red doted dress, same shoes and same style of hair….one teacher caught her attention, and called us to the stage, and let us introduced ourselves infront of almost a thousand students and faculties who attended that day…..it was sooooo embarrassing……and so that day, we swore not to wear same kind of dress ever again…..until now, we never really had same kind of dress or same color anymore, if ever accidentally bought same thing, we promised not to wear or used it same time or same day.

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