Sunday, July 6, 2008

My lovely Raven

This is my pretty little Raven, the only baby in the family hehe... she turns 5 months today. sometimes we call her "dugyot"(filthy) Raven hehe...As you can see in the picture as if she never taken a bath but she took a bath in that picture already hehe...Now I have to take more time to groom her because her hair is very thick already and its hard to groom her because she is very very active now,But she is super duper sweet, every morning she is our alarm clock, she climbs in our bed and lick you and or sometimes pull your hair until you're awake hehe.... though its really annoying but its cute and so sweet of her. Especially when she plays with you, all your worries and problems will be erased. She's really cute now and so adorable. Though I still had a hard time with her toilet trainings and learning how to behave, and barking so loud inside the house but its fun when she's around. Im glad she 's learning and more matured now.

I love this dog so much that i think she is my real baby hehe..Everybody loves her. I cannot imagine if she's gone and or something happen to her, it will really break my heart.

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