Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shocking Gasoline price!

Have you noticed how high the gasoline prices now? I cant believe it reaches to P61+ pesos now. This afternoon I was shocked when my sister and I refilled my motorbike in the gasoline station for 100.00 pesos, usually a hundred pesos before for special gasoline is a full tank already but now.. that money is equivalent to 1.8 liters only. So shocking....Here in the Philippines when gasoline gets high everything is high too. Basic commodities here like foods are so high. So I'll expect again that the price specially rice will be getting higher for the next few days. I imagine those people that barely afford for 1 meal a day, can they still survive with the crisis now? Well.. God only knows.... I do hope that one day, everything will be back to normal again just like before.

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