Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why I became a tiger…

My boyfriend and I call each other tigers, but why we came up with that? Hmm….. it started when my boyfriend and I were chatting on the net that time and we were browsing about the zodiac signs and if we are compatible with each other etc.., he found out that we have the same signs in Chinese zodiac signs which is tiger. And so because of that, I call him big tiger or baby tiger and he calls me little tiger or baby tiger too. Isn’t it sweet?.. he actually found our compatibility signs and not me when I supposed to find that because I’m a woman hehe… and you know what we took lots of compatibility test on the net and so far we are compatible… but not just because of what the horoscope said or if we have the same signs or something, but we are compatible in lots of things...and most of all we love and respect each other. He is my best friend. Love you Tiger!!!

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