Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Friendship…What does it mean?

I once read a winning definition of friendship, it says:

"A friend is the one who comes in when the whole world has gone out."

Friendship for me is the inexpressible feeling of comfort to the person who are there to laughed and cries with you, no matter what. For me, a friend is the person that will tells me whenever I do wrong and lead me and be with me whenever I am down….in return, I will be a good friend that will fight for her/him till the end. Me, I don’t mind if she’s good or not, as long as I am your friend, I will fight for you, I am a type of person that you can trust and share secrets with…as much as possible I will be your mirror, I will tell you if you are wrong and compliment you if you did something good…..hmmm sounds perfect huh?

Life is full of surprises, just in an instant, for some reason, my friendship has been tested to the person I used to know as my “best friend”. For me, there are certain rules in life, honesty, respect and most of all don’t judge others…if one is lost, then everything will be damaged….doubts, angers will arise…..

I don’t wanna fight back because I don’t want to pressure and add more wound in our friendship…they said silence and time will heal everything…within me, I still wanted to patch up things, our friendship been through trials and survived before…..i don’t know now……it so happened that our partners in life (her bf and my bf and my sister’s husband) had misunderstandings with each other, its supposed to be not our fights…..ah well, its her right to believe whatever she thinks is right…..if she thinks judging others is good, then count me out, I don’t like that…..talking just for once is not enough to know a person well, and then judging them (my bf and my sister’s hubby) based on a joke conversation? hmmmm…wow! Amazing!....its just so unfair…really unfair! for just a lame misunderstandings, our friendship is lost, might be or might not be fix again....

To think that she and my bf and my sister’s husband been friends for 3 years, still she never known them yet…..they have treated her as a good friend and treated her as extended family….hmmmm…what a shame!

I just hope you know how to lower your pride once in awhile……Me? Oh I did, I always did since before……..i hope you and your chosen partner will be happy.

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HappyHeart said...

okay lang na Del, it happens to everybody. magbestfriedn man gud mo that's why sakit kaayo.