Saturday, July 19, 2008

Me and my big Tiger

Talking about my favorite topic, hmmm I guess one whole page is not enough…I can talk all day long hehehhe…as you know, when you are in love, you love to talk about him or her….i guess you wont be out of words describing how to terrific he is……so I guess I will have to forget the appearance as it will take whole day describing him, but one thing I can say….he is gorgeous hehehe…

Hmmmm..where did we start? It started when my twin sis married a Canadian, he and my brother-in-law are best of friends, my brother-in-law always told me during the first year of marriage with my twin sister that he wished I can find a good guy as I am a good person, and that if he can only wish, me and his best friend would end up together as he is a good that time, dario (my big tiger) was about to get away with a complicated life from his past relationship and me on the other hand, still involve with a complicated guy…., Dario and my twin sis chat once in awhile before as they are friends too of course, me and him just say hello once in awhile too, never serious or never think we will be boyfriend and girlfriend….2 years past, Dario was just got out from his relationship and for me, about to start a new life and trying to forget the bad relationship that I had…..Terry my brother-in-law, when he knew that we were free at that time, he then act as our cupid pulling his arrows in each other’s heart….hmmmm…in other words, bro set us up. He knows that Dario and I love to play game, so what he did? He lead me and Dario to play a domino game on the internet… smart huh? Hehe….and so for quite awhile we’ve been a constant opponent of a certain game as we love to beat each other hehehe….

From that on, we became chat mate and really good friends. So he decided to come here with bro last April 2007. I still remember the first time I saw him at the airport he was so gwapo even if he looks exhausted and weak from the 13 hours travel. It was so unlucky he has colds that time when he came here. He stayed here for 3 weeks. We get along so fast on the first day we talked, we just cant get away with each other, I remember that time that we love to talk each other all night long hehe… and so we knew from that moment that we like each other. Last April 14 was our first anniversary. So far we are going stronger and love each other more deeply.

Long distance relationship is not easy, but if you two have faith, love and respect each other, everything will be going smoothly. For me and my tiger, our love with each other became stronger because of the foundations that we have and constant communications with each other. I wanna thank my bro in law and my sis for leading me to the real man who loves me for who and what I am. To my tiger (Dario)) I want to thank you for loving me and accepting me for who I am. I will always support and trust you. And I will love you with all my heart. I hope we will last for a long time.

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