Monday, July 14, 2008

My Baby girl!

My new baby girl, her name is raven….she’s so tiny, cute and cuddly..her hair is black and shiny…..we adopted her when she was 1 month old and now she just turned a month older last april 11…..with her, being a part of my life now, It changed me, totally in terms of being a responsible mommy, or I can say a responsible owner…..for just a month, wow! my life changed so fast, in an instant I can say hehehe… being her mommy, I know how responsibility is….how to discipline and to control my feelings whenever I tried to give her a lesson…..when you love someone so dearly, you don’t mind all the sleepless nights as she wants you to hug her all the time, you don’t mind wiping the floors because she’s urinating everywhere and especially cleaning all the poops when you wake up in the morning that is almost all the corners of the house…you don’t mind the smell of the house anymore hehehe…...and not just that, should be financially ready for her vaccines and vitamins and for her yummy dog food hmmmm……oh, not just that, the hard work of toilet training too….and I’m proud to say, she’s learning now…..but through it all, I love her more deeply and I’m proud to say that I will be a responsible pet owner, I will be a good mommy to raven……I just love her so much! For you raven, cheers!! A new journey of our life together!

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